Designed and built to withstand everyday use over a lifetime, our everyday bags not only meet the carry needs of photographers, but also remote workers, commuters, travelers, and everyone in-between. Keep everything you carry organized, protected, and readily accessible, instead of in a pile at the bottom of your bag.


  • Intelligent organization designed to maximize flexibility with compartmentalizing, external storage, and places for things of all sizes
  • Flexible comfort adjustable padded straps optimize comfort on all bodies
  • Durable + guaranteed for life all of our products are backed by our repair or replace lifetime warranty
  • Designed for real life recently redesigned with customer feedback to be even more useful, functional, and better looking
  • Weatherproof + ready to go weatherproof nylon and zippers plus efficient use of space means you're ready for anything
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Outdoor Summer Retailer 2016
Popular Photography 2016
ISPO Winner 2017/2018
Elevation Outdoors
The Verge Editors Choice


Hundreds of Reviews

Everyday Backpack

"I was intrigued by the flexibility in terms of storage with the use of the dividers. Having the bag in hand reaffirms the purchase decision. The build quality and the thoughts that went into the design of the bag makes this a highly versatile camera equipment bag. The possibilities of what you can pack for the day is quite limitless. Price wise is rather on the high side but for those who own it would say that it's worth every dollar spent."

Everyday Backpack Zip

"I appreciate the very thoughtful design details with the simple and streamlined appearance, internal pockets and dividers, magnetic closures, cinch straps and unique zip system – a lot of features that sacrifice nothing to achieve excellence."

Everyday Messenger

"I have had my everyday messenger for 2 years now and when I say I use it everyday I mean every single day. From dusk till dawn. I have a place for everything and then some. I even use it as an over nighter on some occasions. The practicality of this bag is perfect."

Everyday Sling

"The confidence to buy from PD is simple; the products are simply fabulous. The bag is versatile in many ways from what it can be used to contain to how you want to carry it. The versatility comes with the ingenious dividers while the methods of carry is with the 'smart straps' which can be configured to be a handbag, a sling bag, a shoulder bag or fanny pack."

Everyday Totepack

"I purchased this bag because it is so versatile. I use it as a work bag and it can easily switch to a camera pack if I decide to go on a hike and take my camera and a few lens. Fits my big 70 - 200mm Canon lens. I was a little nervous about the light beige color collecting dirt, but overall, the fabric seems to resist dirt! Very, very pleased."


We are a design company—we make products that are innovative, beautifully crafted, and quite literally the best in their category. We pride ourselves in creating true utility through elegant, thoughtful, award-winning design we guarantee for life.

Let us help you ​#findyourpeak.

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